Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not doing the right thing?

Sunday 25 June was a busy day - so much going on!

Eldest was away at the Junior Inter-regionals, CLOK had a colour coded at Coate Moor and it was the day of the annual Cleveland Way Relay. And then I noticed that Claro were putting on a Park Race in Knaresborough.

I've organised the CLOK team for the CWR for the last few years, but what with the World Champs selection races in Denmark, the JIRC, the CC at Coate Moor, NYMAC putting a team in the CWR for the first time and everyone getting older, the chances of finding 15 runners was slim. So we decided to cut that from the fixtures list!

Down to a head-to-head - Coate Moor v Knaresborough!. The right thing to do would have been to support CLOK and go to Coate Moor. But having run, planned and controlled there so many times over the years, my heart really wasn't in it! Can't recall ever going to Knaresborough, I really enjoy Park Races and what with the castle and river, it would make a nice day out for the rest of the family.

Had quite a good race, a couple of less than ideal route choices, and also ran past the end of a 'cut' in full sight of the event planner - gave him a laugh anyway - and lacking a bit of pace perhaps. Highlights of the course - the big crags above the river, the spit jutting out into the river, the steep and winding climb up some steps in the old part of town, and the dash across the level crossing by the station.

After my run, I shadowed E round the short junior course - she did really well, only needing a bit of reassurance a couple of times, and making some good route choices, and she was running really quickly - she managed to win!

Decided not to pay to go round the castle, and not enough time to do Mother Shipton's Cave, so we went to a tea room for lunch and then had a wander round the old town, down by the river and across to a new centre, with it's 'new age' artworks in the grounds. The kids particularly liked the tree, which had been carved and cut up and rebuilt - unlock the doors, let down the flap and pull out the sliding bit, and hey-presto - a grand chair!

So not doing the 'right thing' was actually doing the right thing - enjoyable 'O' and a good day out with the family!!

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