Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stokesley training duathlons @ Ingleby Greenhow

I did a mountain duathlon several years ago up in Kielder - 6 mile fell run up Deadwater Fell, 15 mile mountain bike ride, then the fell run in reverse. I was tired after that!
I didn't come across duathlons again until the 'Foot & Mouth' year - the path round the river near Stokesley had been reopened and they were the only races going. After a few goes on my mountain bike, I eventually invested in a road bike.
Haven't managed to do too many since - maybe 2 or 3 each spring out of the 6 or 7 staged. This year, however, I have now managed 3 - the latest on Wednesday 24 May. They have now moved from Stokesley to Ingleby Greenhow after problems with car parking.
Having been to the gig on the Tuesday and thus not trained, my legs were quite fresh, and I managed to take 15 seconds off each run. Unfortunately, it was a little windy and I couldn't seem to get the bike riding right - 45 seconds down on my time of 2 weeks ago. Overall then, I slipped 15 seconds - need to spend more time on the bike!
Quite pleased with the last run - John K caught me in the last 1/2 mile of the ride, so I had someone to try to haul in. After passing John at the end of the track section, I saw 3 more on the road ahead. Managed to pass 2 of them before the finish - that 2nd run just isn't long enough!

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