Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Helping the helpers

I was reading through various posts on 'Nopesport' the other day, with particular reference to the recent 'Scottish 6-Days' event, and read one post by 'AlanB' which struck a chord, as someone who has been involved with organising larger orienteering events, and I quote verbatum:

'my other main responsibility, as a competitor, was to make life as easy as possible for the volunteers ....... That included arriving at each site in the direction laid down in advance, parking where I was told, and responding positively to any last minute changes. Any slight inconvenience, or having to wait in traffic queues for whatever reason, was as nothing when compared to what the organisers must have been through.'

I sometimes wish more people/orienteers would approach things with that attitude - or is it that some people feel they need to make a point by deliberately being 'different' - 'we are individuals not sheep' - but sometimes it helps everyone if we could put aside our individuality for the common good.

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