Wednesday, June 10, 2009

JK Sprint 2009 - the ones that got away.................

So the planning of courses 1 to 3 at the JK Sprint 2009 in Newcastle City didn't go as smoothly as we would have liked! During the 'last minute' planning process for courses 1 to 3, various 'options' were created. The decision as to the option which was eventually to be used was only made at 8.30am on the Tuesday before the Friday!!

Option B above was in the frame right up to the last minute - I particularly liked leg 2-3 (at least 5 alternative routes), but leg 6-7 was thought to contain too much dead running.

Aside is the first part of Course 1 we 'lost' one week before the event - after the maps had been printed!

And below is the first part of the 'lost' Course 2, which has a slightly different start.

In the event's final details, I advised competitors not to expect another 'Guildford' race - the area was never going to be as technical - but did it make for a good sprint race?

After looking at other recent events on websites and in 'Orienteering Today', I do still think that it was quite good (despite the 'disappointing' comments from some!!)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why there should have been disappointing comments. Definitely better than average fora sprint race. It's always good to have amix of terrain types. Very sad about the loss of the Uni.

Eddie H