Saturday, April 12, 2008

JK 2009 - all Logo'd up and ready to go!

So JK 2009 is heading for the North East of England!

As the time approached when we would have to start distributing publicity, thoughts at Committee turned to an appropriate Logo.

The last time the JK was in the North East, the events were all in the south of the region, so the local landmark of Roseberry Topping was chosen to form the basis.

First thoughts by M featured that Newcastle landmark, so famous from the Great North Run if nothing else - the Tyne Bridge. The nearby Gateshead Millennium Bridge was also an early runner.

Eldest daughter is taking a GCSE in Art & Design, so I thought it would be a good little project for her to have a go at weaving 'JK 2009' into the struts of the bridges, which I could take back to the Committee for approval.

Instead, she came back with something completely different - The Angel of the North.

I ran the 3 possibilities past the the Committee at the next meeting, and The Angel won out!

My brother-in-law is a graphic designer, so I passed the rough draft to him to 'tart up' and transform the concept into a logo for all occasions!

So there we have it - JK 2009 - Northumbrian Hills, featuring one of the most famous sculptures in Europe, if not the world!

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