Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another Wednesday training duathlon!

Perhaps a fourth race in five days was a little much, but then next week's handicap is the last of the series, and I may not get a chance to do another duathlon until next year!

Numbers were down a bit - was there a football match on? I read a report in the NE gig listings magazine (The Informer), which suggested that promoters have not even tried to compete with the World Cup this June - there would be too many half-empty theatres and band tours would lose money. Which is a great shame really, in that if you are not 'into' football, then your alternatives are being compromised. Perhaps it would have been better to book smaller venues for the tour dates potentially affected, so that at least something would be going on!!

Anyway, back to Wednesday 31 May! Quite a nice night, calm and mild. 30 sec down on the first run, but a pb by 13 secs on the bike. John K passed me just after Broughton, and I tried really hard to keep him in sight (and to pass another chap who was ever so gradually coming back), so I guess this was the cause. Just 3 secs down on my pb for the last run, as I had quite a bit to do to catch John.

Good to see Dave S turn up with his mountain bike. Unfortunately, he apparently pushed too hard on the ride, and his calves cramped up at the start of the second run, so he retired. I also felt a twinge in my calves, but managed to alter my running style sufficiently so that they didn't 'go'.

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